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  • Plant Biotechnology

    last update: 2018/03/16
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    Plant biotechnology involves genetic manipulation to improve crops, contribute to sustainable agriculture, and sustain food supplies as well as to provide pharmaceutical products. While the current focus is mostly on genetic engineering, the area also comprises traditional methods of breeding, mutagenesis, classical, molecular and quantitative genetics (mapping, marker assisted selection), in vitro cultures and uses of different biological agents. Safety of genetic engineering products both for consumers and environment are also important aspects of the research. Our idea is to provide reliable knowledge on both plant biotechnology benefits and risks posed to environment, human health and economy.

  • Knowledge Junction

    last update: 2021/02/04
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    The Knowledge Junction is a curated, open repository for the exchange of evidence and supporting materials used in food and feed safety risk assessments.

    Our aim is to improve transparency, reproducibility and evidence reuse.

    Anyone can use the platform and your submissions are welcome too, including:

    • Evidence – reports, datasets, images, videos, laboratory outputs, etc.
    • Supporting materials – software, tools, models, code, protocols, appraisal schemes, FAQs etc.
    • Risk assessment – mandates, opinions, statements, guidance documents, annual and strategic plans provided by Member States.

    Each submission receives a digital object identifier (DOI), requires metadata acknowledging authors and contributors and has a license specifying the conditions of use.
    In this way the reuse of any object deposited can be tracked by the provider.

    The content of this repository can be used by EFSA’s panels and working groups and any other interested parties when preparing for new risk assessments.

  • EuroMix

    last update: 2017/11/13
    New upload

    The EuroMix project will deliver a mixture test strategy and test instruments using novel techniques as recently proposed by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission. The tests will result in data needed for refining future risk assessment of mixtures relevant to national food safety authorities, public health institutes, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the European Chemical Agency (ECHA), industry, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders. Ultimately, this will provide information for future risk management decisions on the safety of chemicals in mixtures to be taken by the European Commission and the Codex Alimentarius.